github google/site-kit-wp 1.16.0


  • Modify title links in Popular Pages table in Site Kit dashboard and WordPress dashboard widget to point to the details view for the relevant URL. See #1922.
  • Migrate Search Console Impressions and Clicks widgets to new Widget API. See #1897.
  • Migrate Analytics All Traffic widget to new Widget API. See #1896.
  • For API errors about missing Google service permissions, clarify based on module ownership who to contact for more information. See #1824.
  • Introduce concept of ownership for modules based on who set them up. See #1743.


  • Improve entity detection so that single URL details view only works for URLs which do not result in a 404 per WordPress behavior. See #1980.
  • Fix bug with URL-based entity detection where home page stats in Site Kit URL details view would not show up as expected. See #1978.
  • Fix support for WordPress configurations using an HTTP proxy with or without authentication required. See #1976.
  • Provide permission_callback to core/search/data/post-search datapoint and rely on higher-level register_rest_route function from WordPress core. See #1924.
  • Fix console warning about event tracking timeout being unnecessarily raised. See #1886.
  • Fix Analytics reporting graph tooltip to match Analytics frontend UI and expose the same information. See #1836.
  • Update post search input to use a better maintained and more accessible autocomplete library. See #1761.
latest releases: 1.44.0, 1.43.0, 1.42.0...
13 months ago