github google/site-kit-wp 1.15.0


  • Introduce more granular error handling, with consistent error behavior in every store and API request errors being automatically stored. See #1814.
  • Enhance getReport( options ) selector in modules/adsense store to allow for flexibly querying AdSense reports. See #1776.
  • Add getReport( options ) selector to modules/search-console store for querying Search Console reports. See #1774.
  • Add copy-to-clipboard functionality and link to WordPress support forums to generic JavaScript error handler. See #1184.
  • Enable Site Kit admin bar menu and URL details view for any WordPress content beyond single posts, for example category, tag, author, or post type archives. See #174.


  • Fix opting out of Analytics for logged in users not working correctly for Web Stories. See #1920.
  • Ensure Search Console data in Site Kit only includes data for the current site even when using a domain property. See #1917.
  • Fix internal error handling so that invalid usages of API-based selectors result in errors being thrown as expected. See #1801.
  • Use hashes for all JavaScript asset file names to avoid stale versions from being served on hosts with aggressive caching. See #1700.
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14 months ago