github google/site-kit-wp 1.14.0


  • Add new action hooks googlesitekit_analytics_init_tag, googlesitekit_analytics_init_tag_amp, googlesitekit_adsense_init_tag, googlesitekit_adsense_init_tag_amp, googlesitekit_tagmanager_init_tag, googlesitekit_tagmanager_init_tag_amp which fire when the respective tag will be printed for the current request, but before any HTML output has been generated. See #1862.
  • Clarify messaging on initial setup screen for secondary users who need to connect to Site Kit. Props sonjaleix. See #1714.
  • Detect potential problems with issuing API requests to Google services and AMP prior to setup and inform the user about it. See #1549.


  • Migrate away from using AMP_Theme_Support::get_support_mode() which will be deprecated in the AMP plugin version 2.0.0. Props maciejmackowiak. See #1895.
  • Fix bug where certain React code being imported in third-party code could cause JavaScript errors. See #1888.
  • Link to the Manage sites screen including an hl query parameter for a localized experience. See #1860.
  • Fix bug where the displayed Analytics user count percentage change was slightly off from Analytics service frontend. See #1681.
  • Fix bug where deep links to the AdSense service frontend could result in blank screens there for users with a single Google account logged in. See #1652.
  • Consistently enhance deep links to Google services to support users logged into multiple Google accounts in their browser. See #1456.
  • Fix inconsistency where Analytics numbers displayed for the last 90 days were slightly off from the values in the Analytics frontend. See #1280.
  • Fix bug where another plugin (e.g. WP User Frontend) could mess up the post detection process within the Site Kit dashboard. See #1253.
  • Fix bug where state of not having sufficient data for a Site Kit widget would sometimes incorrectly persist when switching the date range. See #184.
latest releases: 1.43.0, 1.42.0, 1.41.0...
14 months ago