github google/site-kit-wp 1.13.0


  • Introduce registerModule action to core/modules store, which allows for JS module registration and will in the future enable registration of module components. See #1622.


  • Add getReport( options ) selector to modules/analytics store for querying Analytics reports. See #1775.
  • Pass hl query parameter to Site Kit service for setup and authentication, for a localized experience. See #1726.
  • Modify getURLChannels selector in modules/adsense store to require both accountID and clientID parameters, and no longer rely on infering AdSense account ID from client ID in general. See #1709.
  • Implement logic and styling for managing widget areas and widgets in a dynamic grid, respective registered widget widths and aligning them properly. See #1678.
  • Migrate the existing date range selector component to rely on the centrally managed date range from datastore. See #1531.
  • Simplify detection of existing tags and combine functionality in the JS store. See #1328.
  • Migrate PageSpeed Insights widget to use the new Site Kit widgets API. See #1302.


  • No longer cache API response errors within batch requests. See #1800.
  • Fix publisher win notifications regression where they would not be displayed anymore. See #1781.
  • Fix new JS API layer to prefer sessionStorage over localStorage for caching. See #1780.
  • Improve Google profile data lookup to retry periodically if it temporarily fails. See #1731.
  • Display correct labels for Analytics top acquisition channels by relying on ga:channelGrouping dimension. See #1719.
  • Handle error conditions more gracefully when refreshing access token fails due to e.g. the user having revoked access previously, providing the user with a link to resolve the problem. See #1646.
  • Fix usage of apiFetch with a custom middleware to only rely on preloaded data for initial requests on pageload. See #1611.
  • Fix notification bubble on Site Kit menu so that it only displays if there are actual notifications available. See #1540.
  • Fix PHP warning that could occur when retrieving REST API information via help endpoint. Props majemedia. See #1208.
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