github google/site-kit-wp 1.12.0


  • Add getDateRange() selector and setDateRange( slug ) action to the core/user store. See #1529.


  • Introduce new wrapWidget setting to core/widgets store's registerWidget selector which adds the wrapping Widget component by default. See #1724.
  • Deprecate Module::get_datapoint_services() PHP method in favor of Module::get_datapoint_definitions() for more flexibility in annotating API datapoints. See #1609.
  • Only require the scope by default for Tag Manager, and request write scopes only as needed for a specific action. See #1608.
  • Redirect users to the setup screen when trying to access the Site Kit dashboard with insufficient permissions. See #1526.
  • Implement widget areas using new Site Kit widgets API. See #1392.
  • Significantly improve stability and maintainability of Tag Manager module setup and settings. See #1386.
  • Update the majority of 3P dependencies to their latest versions. See #1356.


  • Require accountID to be passed to getProfiles selector in modules/analytics store, in order to supported moved Analytics properties. See #1707.
  • Fix bug where placing an invalid Analytics tag through another plugin could cause the Site Kit Analytics setup UI to break. See #1651.
  • Fix bug where users with full Analytics access would see error message about lack of permissions, due to the property having been moved. See #1548.
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15 months ago