github google/site-kit-wp 1.11.0


  • Introduce base components for upcoming Site Kit Widgets API. See #1300.


  • Rename wp google-site-kit auth revoke to wp google-site-kit auth disconnect and adjust internal CLI commands infrastructure. See #1677.
  • Significantly improve stability and maintainability of Optimize module setup and settings, and fix bug where editing Optimize settings with AMP active could cause an error due to the ampExperimentJSON module setting not being stored as JSON string. See #1621.
  • Add hasScope( scope ) selector to core/user store, which allows checking whether the user has explicitly granted access to the respective scope. See #1610.
  • Introduce modules/tagmanager datastore to enable JS-based access to Tag Manager data. See #1385.
  • Allow specifying Analytics view name when creating a new one, and display a deep link to modify view settings in Analytics module settings. See #716.


  • Fix admin tracking regression where snippet would not be loaded on the page. See #1717.
  • Ensure ad blocker detection is active throughout the entire AdSense module setup. See #1666.
  • Fix redirect to Google Analytics terms of service occasionally failing due to unnecessary extra redirect. See #1632.
  • Fix bug Cannot read property 'destroy' of undefined from AMP experiment JSON field in Optimize module. See #1605.
latest releases: 1.43.0, 1.42.0, 1.41.0...
15 months ago