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v8.0 (2020-10)

Dependency updates

  • abseil-cpp 20200225.2 -> 20200923
  • Protobuf 3.12.2 -> 3.13.0

Platform changes

  • Added support for Python3.9 (#2187)
  • Dropped support for Python3.5 (#2186)
  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.10 (#2188)
  • Dropped support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 19.10 (#2188)

Known Breaking Change

  • Since last synchronization with Google internal code base, now Routing and SAT (i.e. OR-Tools) use some C++17.
    WARNING: If you provide your own version of abseil-cpp please verify it is built against C++17 too.
  • The MPSolver::CreateSolver signature has been changed. The model name argument has been dropped.


  • Fix disabling SCIP support when using -DUSE_SCIP=OFF (#2129)
  • Integrate samples and examples to the CMake build system.
    note: can be disable by using -DBUILD_SAMPLES=OFF and -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=OFF.
    note: can be disable for a specific language using -DBUILD_<LANG>_SAMPLES=OFF or


  • Require Make >= 4.3 (use of Make eval function).
  • Require CMake >= 3.14 (use of CMake --verbose option).
  • Add option to disable SCIP support using USE_SCIP=OFF (#2134)
  • Add option to disable CLP and CBC support using USE_COINOR=OFF


  • OR-Tools now generate maven packages (#202).

Bug fixes

  • Fix C++ and Python build on FreeBSD (#2126).
  • Fix build in debug on windows (#2077).
  • Fix long standing crash in parallel on CP-SAT on Windows (#2001, #2019).
latest release: v8.1
3 months ago