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v7.8 (2020-07)

Dependency updates

  • Gurobi 9.0.2 is now pre-integrated in prebuilt binaries. It will search for the gurobi 90 shared library in the default install path of the Gurobi installers on MAC OS X and Windows, or in the GUROBI_HOME directory.
  • SCIP 7.0.1 is now integrated in prebuilt binaries.Please ensure compliance with the SCIP license before using it.
  • Added support for optional Xpress Solver 8.9.0.

Linear Solver

  • Added a static LinearSolver::CreateSolver() method to simplify checking support for integrated linear solver backends. It works in all languages.


  • Fix and add support for FreeBSD (#2105)
  • Use of FetchContent() to build dependencies
  • Use of CMP0091 to control Runtime Library on Windows


  • Cleanup protobuf usage.

Bug fixes

  • CP-SAT: Fix sorting in cumulative cut generation.
  • Linear Solver: Fix leak in .Net wrapper when using CreateSolver().
latest releases: v8.1, v8.0
5 months ago