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Fruit 3.6.0

Potentially backwards-incompatible changes

  • MSVC 2015 is no longer supported (only MSVC 2017 or 2019 are). If you need to use Fruit with MSVC 2015, you should keep using a version of Fruit up to 3.5.0. If this is not possible, please open an issue explaining your needs.

New features


Bug fixes

  • Building Fruit with Bazel now also works in systems where the boost libraries are not installed.
  • Fruit now reports a user-friendly compile error when the signature passed to registerConstructor has an assisted parameter (it returned a compile error before too, but the error message didn't explain what was wrong).
  • Various improvements to the FindFruit.cmake script contributed by rizsotto@ (Thanks!).


The Benchmarks page of the wiki has been updated with a more complete and up-to-date set of benchmark results.


As usual, see the installation instructions here for how to compile from source and for links to pre-built binary packages for various Linux distributions.

7 months ago