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Fruit 3.5.0

Potentially backwards-incompatible changes

  • Fruit now requires CMake 3.2 (this used to be 2.8). CMake 3.2 was released 5 years ago, most systems should have it (or a newer version) by now.

New features

  • Fruit now provides a cmake-modules/FindFruit.cmake that can be useful to projects that use both Fruit and CMake
  • The detection of Boost has been improved, Fruit is now able to automatically detect the Boost location in most cases. If you have some scripts to build Fruit and you’re passing -DBOOST_DIR there, you should be able to remove it now (but you can still keep it if you want)
  • Improvements to the conan package configuration, notably:
    • Now Fruit can be built without Boost
    • The Conan config now uses the released source from Github instead of using git
    • (and many others)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a compilation warning that started appearing with Clang 8
  • Fruit now defaults to C++11 mode with MSVC too (in addition to GCC and Clang)
  • Fix some compilation errors that appeared only with MSVC 2019 and only in C++17 mode.
  • Support the latest version of Bazel
  • Fixed a file name collision that caused errors when unpacking the Fruit sources on Windows (there were 2 files with names differing only by case)
  • All Clang Tidy warnings in Fruit have been fixed, allowing projects using Fruit to enable Clang tidy in all included headers too


Some of these changes were contributed by Fruit users:

  • tt4g@ and ph1ll@ improved the Conan packaging configuration
  • jjalvarezl@ contributed the FindFruit.cmake module.



As usual, see the installation instructions here for how to compile from source and for links to pre-built binary packages for various Linux distributions.

latest release: v3.6.0
10 months ago