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Release version 0.9.6

This is a major release. After this release Fruit is in feature freeze until the release of v1.0.0, that is expected within 1-2 weeks.

Binary packages for various distributions are provided here.

Changes compared to 0.9.5

  • Introduce a NormalizedComponent class to save time when creating multiple similar injectors.
  • Add an unsafeGet() method to Injector.
  • getMultibindings() now returns a vector instead of a set.
  • Plain functions are no longer supported as providers, only lambdas are.
  • Major performance improvements
  • Some improvements in compile-time speed.
  • Remove the dependency on the sparsehash library.
  • Fix warnings/errors with the latest versions of GCC/Clang.
  • Various code cleanups.
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