github google/bundletool 0.8.0

What's new

  • Bundletool will no longer keep a list of extensions of files which must remain uncompressed by default in the generated APKs; it's up to the build system calling build-bundle to specify those files in the BundleConfig. Applies only to App Bundles built with version 0.8.0+ of bundletool. For users of the Android Gradle Plugin, this is a no-op since AGP already passes this list of files to bundletool.
  • build-apks command now signs the APKs by default with the debug keystore (when found) if --ks flag is not passed. The debug keystore must be named debug.keystore under the .android subdirectory of one of the following locations: $ANDROID_SDK_HOME, user home directory or $HOME.
  • The --modules flag from the extract-apks and install-apks commands now supports the special value _ALL_ to extract/install all modules (without having to enumerate them all).
  • Resources can now be pinned in the master APK by specifying the resource IDs in the BundleConfig (see config.proto).
  • The split attribute is no longer added automatically by Bundletool, it must be already present in the AndroidManifest.xml. Note that in the original AndroidManifest.xml, this attribute is named featureSplit (it is later renamed by aapt2). For users of the Android Gradle Plugin, this is a no-op since AGP adds it automatically.

Bugs fixes

  • dump manifest command no longer fails when namespaces have been stripped from the manifest.
  • Fixed an issue where we did not remove activities and services from non instant modules in the instant base manifest.
  • dump resources command now escapes the line breaks, quotes and backslashes from the strings of the values of resources.
latest releases: 1.7.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.0...
2 years ago