github google/bundletool 0.4.2

What's new

  • Added optional --connected-device flag to the build-apks command. When specified, a cut-down APK Set archive will be created containing APKs optimized only for the connected device. This will reduce the build time, but the APK Set is guaranteed to support only that specific device.

  • When using extract-apks, install-apks and build-apks with the --connected-device flag, we are now checking compatibility of the connected device or the device spec file with the App Bundle or APK Set. The error will be returned if the compatibility check fails (for example because of unsupported ABI).

Bugs fixed

  • Added handling of a tilde sign (~) on Linux/Mac platforms across all path flags (#12)
  • Fixed the "No connected devices found" issue during local deployment (#11)
  • Better error handling of the get-device-spec command errors if the device spec cannot be fully fetched.
latest releases: 1.7.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.0...
3 years ago