github google/brotli v1.0.3
Brotli v1.0.3

Key changes:

  • new feature: "Large Window Brotli"
  • new dictionary generator

Other changes:

  • improved compression ratio: sub-blocks stitching
  • improved compression ratio: eliminated floating numbers rounding
  • improved compression ratio: make the zopflification aware of NDIRECT, NPOSTFIX
  • improve automake build
  • improve BrotliEncoderMaxCompressedSize precision
  • fix API documentation / typos
  • fix code style
  • make hashers host-endianness-independent
  • Java: added "eager" decoding both to JNI wrapper and pure decoder
  • CLI: window size is auto-adjusted
  • added dictionaryless compressed dictionary
latest releases: v1.0.9, v1.0.8, v1.0.7...
3 years ago