github gomods/athens v0.11.0

Welcome Athenians! v0.11.0 has a few features and several internal & infrastructural changes to improve stability and robustness:

  • In, #1652, and #1655, we improved tests and log output. These changes should make it slighty easier for Athens developers and operators
  • In #1659, #1672, and #1677, we upgraded the Helm charts:
    • #1659 uses the new apiVersion value for Kubernetes Ingress objects
    • #1672 allows you to set annontations on the service account, if you have one present
    • #1677 allows you to use an existing service account in your Kubernetes cluster, rather than having the Helm chart create a new one for you
  • In #1673, we added configuration to support IAM Roles for Service Accounts for Athens configured with S3. This means that Athens can now use the default credentials for an S3 bucket when it's running in AWS, rather than having to hard-code them in configuration
  • In #1681, we added the Content-Length header to .zip requests, which means that Athens can now integrate with pkgsite

Thanks to all of the contributors for the above PRs and everything else in this release!

Much ❤️ from the Athens maintainers 😄

6 months ago