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v0.10.0: Goodbye master, hello main.

Hi Athenians 👋

This release brings about a few exciting changes. For the full list of commits see

  • We changed our main branch from master to main 🎉

  • Athens support the /index endpoint 🗂️. This makes Athens behave not only similarly to but also to To turn it on and configure a backend for storing indexes, check out our configuration. This makes Athens integrate well with the newly open source Package Discovery Site. We will right more documentation on how to set everything up once things get more stable 🎉 (but feel free to reach out on GitHub Discussions or Slack if you want help setting it up)

  • Fixed a bug where users running Athens behind a path prefix were not able to proxy to the checksum db correctly:

  • Fixed a bug where the Download File was not redirecting to URLs that had a path suffix:

As always THANK YOU to our first time and recurring contributors. Athens is developed fully freely by the open source community so hope you like this release!

Don't hesitate to file issues or reach out to us at #athens on the Gohper Slack.

Open source contributors since v0.9.0:

🎉 @elliotmr @stamm @sidprak @GodsBoss @WillAbides 🎉

latest release: v0.11.0
14 months ago