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Release 0.16.0

v0.16.0 - 3rd Aug, 2020

This version requires VS Code 1.46+.

Older versions of VS Code will not receive updates any more.

New Features

  • Users can select/install a different version of Go with Go: Choose Go Environment command.
    When clicking the Go status bar that displays the currently active Go version, users will be prompted with the list of Go versions installed locally or available for download. This feature was built based on the tools. The selected Go version applies to the workspace, takes precedence over the system default or the "go.goroot" and "go.alternateTools" settings, and persists across sessions. You can clear the choice by selecting the Clear Selection item.
    (Issue 253)
  • When the Go version changes, the extension prepends $GOROOT/bin to the PATH or Path environment variable which then applies the change to the integrated terminal windows.
  • This version includes an experimental version of the new Debug Adapter that uses Delve's native DAP implementation. It currently supports launch type requests in debug or test mode. This is still in the early stages and requires dlv built from its unreleased, master branch. Subscribe to golang/vscode-go#23 for updates.


  • Bundles the extension using webpack, which reduced the extension size (4.7MB -> 1MB) and the extension loading overhead (3.4K files -> 3 files) (Issue 53).
  • Go: Apply Cover Profile applies code coverage for multiple packages (CL 238697). We fixed bugs in processing coverage profiles on Windows.
  • Suggests the official Go download page when no go tool is found.
  • Utilizes the GOMODCACHE environment variable, introduced in Go 1.15.
  • Prevents multiple debug sessions from launching (Issue 109).
  • Streams test output when tests run with the -v option.
    This feature requires 1.14 or newer versions of Go (Issue 316).
  • Sets additionalProperties to false for the settings that don't expect more properties. This allows VS Code to handle these settings better in its new settings GUI (Issue 284).
  • Go: Locate Configured Go Tools includes go env results (Issue 195).
  • Avoids prompting users to switch the default format tool in modules mode if users enable the language server.


  • Fixed the PATH environment variable adjustment when users use a wrapper as an alternate tool for go (CL 239697).
  • Fixed a bug in test output processing, which prevented VS code from linking test log messages with locations in the source file.
  • Fixed a gocode-gomod installation bug when GOPATH includes multiple directories (Issue 368).
  • Avoids attempting to kill already terminated processes (Issue 334).
  • Fixed godef to locate standard packages correctly by passing the GOROOT environment variable.
  • Fixed a golangci-lint integration bug that prevented displaying the lint results correctly when linters like nolintlint are enabled (Issue 411).
  • Fixed lost test function name arguments when running Go: Test Previous (Issue 269).

Code Health

  • Many enhancements to improve test reliability and test coverage were made during this dev cycle.
  • TryBot is enabled, and the test results are posted to Gerrit CL. Currently, only the internal team members can see the details of the test results, but we will continue working to make them public.
  • Windows tests are now fixed and enabled in GitHub Action-based CI.
  • Refactored code shared by the extension and the debug adapters to prevent accidental debug adapter breakages.
  • Updated json-rpc2 and lodash to address vulnerability reports from npm audit.


Thank you for your contribution, fujimoto kyosuke, OneOfOne, Aditya Thakral, Oleg Butuzov, Rebecca Stambler, Peter Weinberger, Brayden Cloud, Eli Bendersky, Robert Findley, Hana Kim!

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