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Release 0.15.0

New Features

  • The new command Go: Subtest At Cursor runs an individual subtest if the subtest's name is a simple string (cl/235447).
  • The new setting go.trace.server controls tracing between VS Code and the language server (cl/232458). Unlike tracing using gopls flags, this controls client-side tracing, and does not require to restart the server to change the value. This client-side trace is presented in the gopls output channel. The server-side trace has been moved to the new gopls (server) output channel (cl/233598).
  • There is now a new Go version status bar item. Clicking it currently only pops up the current GOROOT. We plan to add Go version switch, and other features using this status bar item.


  • Go: Add Tags To Struct Fields prompts transform parameter input if the setting go.addTags.promptForTags is true (Issue 2546).
  • Go: Locate Go Tools command output includes the GOBIN value. (cl/235197).
  • Improved debugging experience
    • The debug adapter automatically infers the mapping between remote and local paths for easy remote debugging (cl/234020, Issue 45).
    • The debug adapter handles errors that can occur during remote connection setup (cl/237550, Issue 215).
    • Failed watch expression evaluation no longer pops up error message windows. The error is visible in the watch window instead (cl/236999, Issue 143).
  • Better language server integration
    • Restart the language server automatically when changes in its configuration or the language server version are detected (cl/232598 cl/233159).
    • Prompts user to file an issue if gopls crashes (cl/233325).
  • go.gopath, go.goroot, go.toolsGopath are now machine-overridable (cl/236539, Issue 2981).
  • The extension does not mutate the GOROOT environment variable any more. go.goroot is used to select the go command under the specified directory (Issue 146).
  • A redundant code action provider was removed when using the language server (cl/239284).


  • Fixed gopls version detection and upgrade logic when pre-release versions are involved (cl/235524).
  • Processes started with Run > Run Without Debugging (^F5) are now cleaned up when the run sessions end (cl/236879).
  • When go.alternateTools.go is set, the path to $(go env GOROOT)/bin is passed to underlying tools to ensure they use the same go version (cl/239697).
  • Now the extension avoids invoking buggy pgrep on mac OS (cl/236538, Issue 90).

Code Health

  • More test coverage
    • Added new tests for gopls update logic (cl/233158), tools installation behavior (cl/233557).
    • Fixed Build Tags checking tests (cl/233517).
  • Upgraded dependencies including websocket-extensions from 0.1.3 to 0.1.4 (cl/228617, cl/236839, pr/3261).


Thank you for your contribution, Brayden Cloud, Bulent Rahim Kazanci, Eli Bendersky, Hana Kim, Polina Sokolova, Quoc Truong, Rebecca Stambler, Rohan Talip, Ryan Koski, Sean Caffery, Ted Silbernagel, Vincent Jo, and codekid!

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15 months ago