github go-vgo/robotgo v0.100.0

MT. Baker

Enhancement bitmap and image, add arm support...


  • [NEW] add more image function support

  • [NEW] add ImgToBitmap(), ToImg(), FindEveryBitmap(), FindEveryColor(), Svae(), Read(), SaveJpeg() and other function support

  • [NEW] add func ToImage: convert C.MMBitmapRef to standard image.Image

  • [NEW] add ToImage examples code

  • [NEW] add more image function and update go mod

  • [NEW] add find every color function

  • [NEW] add free and find all point function

  • [NEW] update find bitmap and color

  • [NEW] add byte to image function

  • [NEW] add more image convert function

  • [NEW] add mac os M1 support

  • [NEW] add windows arm support

  • [NEW] add more key toggle and press function

  • [NEW] add ToRGBA() function support

  • [NEW] add ImgToBitmap and RGBAToBitmap support

  • [NEW] Update and move image function to img.go

  • [NEW] add more img to bitmap examples code and Update file name


  • [NEW] Update and

  • [NEW] add macOS to .travis.yml

  • [NEW] update go mod pkg

  • [NEW] Update hook examples link to newest

  • [NEW] update dockerfile and appveyor to go1.14.4

  • [NEW] Update, add more examples

  • [NEW] move hook and event to gohook

  • [NEW] move cbitmap and bitmap-bytes to bitmap dir

  • [NEW] update some name

  • [NEW] update dockerfile and appveyor.yml

  • [NEW] update clipboard code

  • [NEW] update hook code and more API

  • [NEW] optimize code and update version

  • [NEW] add paste string err return and optimize code

  • [NEW] update go.yml and travis.yml to go1.15

  • [NEW] Update Ubuntu apt-get to apt

  • [NEW] update go version and key code

  • [NEW] update test code and go mod

  • [NEW] Update and test code

  • [NEW] update parameter name and version

  • [NEW] update dockerfile and appveyor.yml

  • [NEW] update error return and print

  • [NEW] update ShowAlert optimize return code

  • [NEW] add more test and update go mod

  • [NEW] compatible with 32-bit platforms

  • [NEW] add more bitmap examples

  • [NEW] update point structure to public

  • [NEW] add more examples

  • [NEW] update examples and version

  • [NEW] Update clipboard example code

  • [NEW] Update Section ####Other to windows (#348) …

  • [NEW] Update png.h path

  • [NEW] Update go mod

  • [NEW] Update circle.yml and travis.yml

  • [NEW] Remove unless example code and update circle.yml

  • [NEW] Removed drop api example code and Update

  • [NEW] Update go mod and xx.yml

  • [NEW] Update and example

  • [NEW] add more bitmap examples code

  • [NEW] Update go mod and Update

  • [NEW] gofmt to 1.17 build tag

  • [NEW] Update bitmap examples code

  • [NEW] Update version and keycode

  • [NEW] Update docs remove drop API


  • [FIX] Update go mod and fixed #290

  • [FIX] Update gohook to v0.30.2 fixed bug

  • [FIX] Fixed Mouse buttons reversed type

  • [FIX] Fixed returns "Invalid key code specified." if specified character is not v… … add keyCodeForCharFallBack

  • [FIX] This fixes the disappearing backslash issue #351

  • [FIX] Export ToUC function and update test code

  • [FIX] Fixes #258: char* arrays in C not being copied correctly

  • [FIX] Fixed Linux TypeStr() function double quote

  • [FIX] update free bitmap fixed #333

  • [FIX] update gops to v0.20.0 fixed bug and other mod pkg

  • [FIX] update gohook fixed warning

latest releases: v0.100.2, v0.100.1
26 days ago