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  • [NEW] Add asynchronous event hook support
  • [NEW] Add multiple keypress event listener support
  • [NEW] Add hook start and end func
  • [NEW] Add AddEvents, AddMouse, AddMousePos hook function
  • [NEW] Add mul() scale func and optimize code
  • [NEW] Refactor AddEvent() func and add keycode.go, update example
  • [NEW] Add mouse map keycode
  • [NEW] Add android null file
  • [NEW] Add AddEvent "center" support
  • [NEW] Update, Add binding link

  • [NEW] Format and docs markdown
  • [NEW] Update bitmap_save return code
  • [NEW] Optimize code not defer and remove useless code
  • [NEW] Update code style and godoc
  • [NEW] Update go mod vendor
  • [NEW] Add more event examples
  • [NEW] add AddEvents, AddMouse, AddMousePos examples code


  • [NEW] Update event example code add print hint
  • [NEW] Update godoc
  • [NEW] Update
  • [NEW] Update .gitignore
  • [NEW] Update code style and examples
  • [NEW] Update pkg to newest
  • [NEW] Update CI add go1.12.x support
  • [NEW] Move GetText() func code


  • [FIX] Add AddEvents func, Fixed #98, #61, #69...
  • [FIX] Add asynchronous event support, Fixed #196, #89...
  • [FIX] add AddMouse func, Fixed #138
  • [FIX] Update _Ctype_char to C.char, Fixed go1.12 build error #191
  • [FIX] Update hook, Fixed #195 warning and json break bug
  • [FIX] Fixed color picker, Update and docs

See Commits for more details, after Jan 7.

latest releases: v0.100.2, v0.100.1, v0.100.0...
2 years ago