github go-vgo/robotgo 0.70.0

Caloris Montes


  • [NEW] Update keyboard use sendInput not keybd_event
  • [NEW] Update mouse use sendInput not mouse_event
  • [NEW] Add drag mouse other button support
  • [NEW] Add more numpad key support
  • [NEW] Add numpad key and escape abbreviation support
  • [NEW] Add new window10 zoom ratio
  • [NEW] Add linux numpad key support
  • [NEW] Add key "insert, printscreen" mac support
  • [NEW] Add check mouse button func
  • [NEW] Add keyTap run error return support and update godoc

  • [NEW] Optimize and clearer keytap code

  • [NEW] Optimize and clean keyToggle code

  • [NEW] Update dockerfile clean image

  • [NEW] Add color picker and getMousePos() example

  • [NEW] Use go mod not dep, add go.mod remove dep files

  • [NEW] Add GetColors func return string

  • [NEW] Optimize defer code

  • [NEW] Add more godoc

  • [NEW] Add add key "ctrl", "cmd" [ abbreviation ] support

  • [NEW] Add add key "capslock", "numpad_lock" support

  • [NEW] Add left and right "Ctrl, Shift, Alt, command" key support

  • [NEW] Update check key flags support "cmd" and "ctrl"

  • [NEW] Update key docs

  • [NEW] Add millisleep func and update godoc

  • [NEW] Add AddEvent() key "cmd" support

  • [NEW] Update key example code

  • [NEW] Update, add Note go1.10.x issue

  • [NEW] Update keytap and toggle return "" and code style


  • [NEW] Update issue template more obvious

  • [NEW] Update godoc

  • [NEW] Update

  • [NEW] Update .gitignore

  • [NEW] Update code style and examples

  • [NEW] Update pkg to newest

  • [NEW] Add more scale example

  • [NEW] Add drag mouse example

  • [NEW] Update key docs and clear file name

  • [NEW] Remove old useless code

  • [NEW] Update

  • [NEW] Update CI add go1.11.4 version


  • [FIX] Fixed bitmapClick() parameter bug
  • [FIX] Fixed some typo
  • [FIX] Update scale example code close #153
  • [FIX] Update code style and fixed #endif error

See Commits for more details, after Otc 8.

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