github go-vgo/robotgo 0.49.0

Olympus Mons


  • [NEW] Add get image size func
  • [NEW] Add linux type string utf-8 support
  • [NEW] Add scroll mouse support x, y
  • [NEW] Add AddEvent() "esc" support fix #105
  • [NEW] Add AddEvent "space" fix #110
  • [NEW] Add clipboard choose primary mode on unix
  • [NEW] Add move smooth return
  • [NEW] Add more bitmap func and examples
  • [NEW] Add MicroSleep func
  • [NEW] Add find image by path


  • [NEW] Update KeyToggle code
  • [NEW] Update activePid allow Windows via hwnd
  • [NEW] Update godoc and
  • [NEW] Update
  • [NEW] Update Kill() parameter and examples
  • [NEW] Update examples and remove useless function
  • [NEW] Update appveyor, circle and dockerfile
  • [NEW] Update code style
  • [NEW] Update and optimize func
  • [NEW] Update travis support go 1.10
  • [NEW] Update CI (use custom go image) and add func internalFindBitmap
  • [NEW] Update godoc and deprecated GetBHandle
  • [NEW] Optimize code func args and name


  • [FIX] Fix mac input method keytap not work
  • [FIX] Fix clipboard golint
  • [FIX] Update move smooth fix #96 (set mouse smooth speed)
  • [FIX] Fix Getportion param to go type
  • [FIX] Fix XFlush wait for events flushing

See Commits for more details, after Jan 25.

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