github go-vgo/robotgo 0.48.0

Ben Nevis


  • [NEW] Add active window by name func ActiveName
  • [NEW] Add type string utf-8 support

Add func CharCodeAt, UnicodeType, PasteStr and update TypeStr, TypeString

  • [NEW] Add count of bitmap func CountBitmap
  • [NEW] Add func SaveCapture and examples
  • [NEW] Add time sleep func Sleep
  • [NEW] Add more key listen
  • [NEW] Add func PointInBounds and examples
  • [NEW] Add func GetPxColor return C.MMRGBHex
  • [NEW] Add FindColorCS param tolerance
  • [NEW] Add func ToBitmap and examples
  • [NEW] Add CBitmap type and examples
  • [NEW] Add more examples
  • [NEW] Add func ToMMBitmapRef
  • [NEW] Add func BitmapClick and MovesClick
  • [NEW] Add func ToMMRGBHex convert color hex
  • [NEW] Add func count bitmap color and CountColorCS
  • [NEW] Add more color processing and conversion

Add func ToMMRGBHex, U32ToHex, U8ToHex, PadHex, HexToRgb, RgbToHex and examples

  • [NEW] Add func tochar bitmap and gostring and fmt code


  • [NEW] Remove robot and examples
  • [NEW] Update vendor and appveyor.yml
  • [NEW] Update keyboard code
  • [NEW] Update godoc
  • [NEW] Update
  • [NEW] Change TostringBitmap return string
  • [NEW] Update C language code and other naming
  • [NEW] Update code and code style
  • [NEW] Update move mouse smooth


  • [FIX] Fix mac set active and active by pid
  • [FIX] Fix windows active by pid #101
  • [FIX] Fix FindColor param tolerance
  • [FIX] Fix find bitmap float args
  • [FIX] Fix some range error
  • [FIX] Update doc fix #97
  • [FIX] Update fix link error

See Commits for more details, after Dec 13.

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