github go-vgo/robotgo 0.47.0

Mount Cook


  • [NEW] Add windows 32bit and 64bit dependency
  • [NEW] Add macOs dependency
  • [NEW] Add pkg to vendor

Solve the problem of dependence, remove zlib/libpng dependencies

  • [NEW] Add FindColorCS(x, y, w, h int, color CHex), CHex type and examples #84
  • [NEW] Add kill the process
  • [NEW] Add public event and update code
  • [NEW] Add Windows 32bit and 64bit Appveyor CI


  • [NEW] Update png io
  • [NEW] Update cgo link
  • [NEW] Update .gitignore
  • [NEW] Update and godoc
  • [NEW] Update
  • [NEW] Update circle to 2.0, add robotgo Dockerfile custom image
  • [NEW] Update and fmt C code
  • [NEW] Update GetTitle default value "null" to ""


  • [FIX] Fix FindColor inconvenient parameters
  • [FIX] Fix installation requirements #72
  • [FIX] Fix GetTitle return address of local variable in the higher gcc version. #81

See Commits for more details, after Nov 10.

latest releases: v0.100.1, v0.100.0, v0.100.0-RC2...
3 years ago