github go-redis/redis v8.11.1


  • DBSize,ScriptLoad,ScriptFlush and ScriptExists should use hook. (#1811)
  • Added FIFO option to connection pool, set option Options.PoolFIFO to true. (#1820)
  • The connection is checked before use, it will increase the CPU time by 5-10% (#1824)
  • Check Failing() before serving random node. (#1825)


  • RPOP command supports Count option (redis-server >= 6.2)
  • New cmd: GeoSearch, GeoSearchStore (redis-server >= 6.2)

Thanks: @ktaekwon000 @hidu @AnatolyRugalev

latest releases: v8.11.3, extra/redisotel/v8.11.3, extra/rediscmd/v8.11.3...
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