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9.4.1 (

This is a security release, upgrading is hightly recommended

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Non exhaustive list of changes:

  • [security] Bad chevrons rendering on dropdowns (#5468)
  • [security] Iframe and forms are rendered in rich text contents (#5519)
  • [security] Type juggling authentication bypass (#5520)
  • [security] Malicious images upload (#5580)
  • [security] Password token date was not reset (#5577)
  • [security] Prevent timed attack and enforce cookie security (#5562)
  • Search on dropdowns now displays fuzzy matches (#5149)
  • All components were deleted when permanently deleting a computer (#5459)
  • Unable to display network ports (#5460, #5461)
  • Preferences not applied (#5372)
  • Unable to use “forgotten password” feature (#5386)
  • And many more!

You may notice displayed and archive versions are; this is because we've decided to integrate two more fixes we found after release has been prepared!

See changelog and minor changelog for details.

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2 years ago