github glpi-project/glpi 9.3.0

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Major features:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Multiple solutions in ITIL objects (tickets, problems, changes).
  • Select a source on login (we can now have namesakes on different ldap servers).
  • OpenStreetMap vizualization for assets.
  • Better print support.
  • GLPI is now on InnoDB mysql engine by default, no more lock issues.
  • Log level can now be changed, in order to hide some messages (depreciations for example).
  • Disks components can now be attached to Network equipment and printer asset types.

And many more, as well as a lot of bugfixes!

See changelog for details; as well as official announcement (or the french official annoucement).

latest releases: 9.5.6, 9.5.5, 9.5.4...
3 years ago