github gliderlabs/logspout v3.2.6


  • @jdgiotta Spelling corrections and fixed stack compose formatting in example
  • @dylanmei dylanmei Update 3rd party module link in README


  • @vbeausoleil added a simple healthcheck
  • @gbolo added option to load TLS client certificate and key
  • @gbolo added ability to control the TLS client trust store
  • @gbolo added option to harden the TLS client
  • @chopmann added option to bind the http server to an address
  • @ibrokethecloud added ability to add custom key:value pairs as EXCLUDE_LABEL


  • @develar alpine 3.8 + golang 1.10.1
  • @gbolo enforced the use of go 1.8+ in order to accommodate some TLS settings
latest releases: v3.2.13, v3.2.12, v3.2.11...
3 years ago