github gliderlabs/logspout v3.2.5


  • @michaelshobbs fix working_directory so we don't duplicate test runs
  • @gmelika panic if reconnect fails
  • @masterada Added multiline adapter
  • @billimek sleeping and syncing to fix issues with docker hub builds


  • @chris7444 take the hostname from /etc/host_hostname if the file is there
  • @chris7444 update for swarm deployments PR #329
  • @nvanheuverzwijn strip \r and \n when reading the file /etc/host_hostname
  • @lucassabreu toJSON with examples


  • @michaelshobbs pass debug to test container
  • @jgreat Strip header bytes from log stream
  • @trondvh chmod +x
  • @develar alpine 3.7 + golang 1.9.2
latest releases: v3.2.13, v3.2.12, v3.2.11...
3 years ago