github gliderlabs/logspout v3.2

NOTE: tls is broken in v3.2


  • @ekkinox FIX: add build-base package install to fix missing gcc
  • @bobzoller reconnect log stream unless container is dead
  • @mattaitchison Fix locking around custom route loading
  • @bobzoller avoid duplicate pumps with mutex lock
  • @markine Use InactivityTimeout to work around a bug in docker (#204)
  • @mattaitchison install ca-certificates fixes #247
  • @mattaitchison Dockerfile: use alpine 3.5 to fix build issue from missing context pkg


  • @micahhausler Add Graylog GELF module
  • @Selim Ekizoglu Exclude containers by label.
  • @treeder Some help for working on custom modules
  • @davidnortonjr Add more configuration examples to README
  • @davidnortonjr Filter by label (#236)
  • @mattaitchison first pass at tests (#218)
  • @grosskur syslog: Add support for SYSLOG_TIMESTAMP (#260)
  • @michaelshobbs add linting with go vet and golint
  • @andrewgaul Allow configuration of retry count via environment
  • @davidnortonjr Allow containers with TTY enabled using environment variable ALLOW_TTY
  • @michaelshobbs add golint in ci and filter /vendor/ from linting
  • @ebr add env.var switch to turn off backlogs
  • @michaelshobbs add test for max image size


  • @selimekizoglu Ignore empty EXCLUDE_LABEL values
  • @pmbauer ignore containers with unsupported log drivers
  • @robertjustjones Updated README to include tls
  • @jmreicha custom: Update README and include example build script
  • @josegonzalez Add a note about needing to be in the docker build directory
  • @treeder Much, much faster builds
  • @michaelshobbs set common test name prefix for -run ease
  • @michaelshobbs make ignoreContainerTTY more testable and add test
  • @michaelshobbs make retryCount testable and add test
  • @michaelshobbs use glide in dockerfile
  • @michaelshobbs use alpine + build script and add test for custom image building
  • @michaelshobbs attempt to preserve buffer on reconnect()
  • @michaelshobbs race detector for alpine is broken. disable it for now
  • @michaelshobbs make vet more reliable
  • @luketurner Don't retry sending on ECONNRESET
latest releases: v3.2.13, v3.2.12, v3.2.11...
4 years ago