github gliderlabs/logspout v3


  • use start/die like old version not create/destroy
  • performance fix, generalizing SyslogMessage, minor cleanups
  • Initialize Route options map
  • Fixed a couple of typos, updated narrative
  • UDP message delivery should not kill the program
  • Exit with return code 1 on job setup failure
  • Simplify and add early exit to RoutingFrom
  • Unmarshal without buffering
  • Remove unnecessary closure
  • Undo change introduced in 07555c5
  • Fix port number in httpstream example
  • Use correct nilvalue for structured data as per rfc 5424
  • retry tcp errors and don't hang forever on failure


  • mention irc channel
  • allowing easy custom builds of logspout
  • Allow env vars in stream URLs
  • Allow you to ignore log messages from individual containers by setting container environment variable, LOGSPOUT=ignore, when starting
  • Add URL for Logstash module
  • Adding CircleCI, Docker and IRC badges to readme.
  • Add TLS transport. Fixes #116


  • Removed attach on restart event
  • remove dev containers
  • Removed deprecated library hosted in google code in favor of its new home


  • switched to gliderlabs org
  • assume build
  • rough pass at breaking logspout.go into separate packages
  • fully split up packages. major refactoring of router
  • simpler matching. working routesapi. dropped old utils
  • make sure all uri params get into route options
  • readme updates and module specific readmes
  • renamed ConnectionFactory to AdapterTransport
  • updated readme to use current schema
  • names and parama
  • more readable
  • hold handler from returning until streamer finishes
  • primarily designed new boot output, but came with it architectural changes
  • updating docker sock location
  • support old location for docker socket
  • force link in case its run again, such as with custom builds
  • analytics test
  • update analytics
  • Update
  • Update README with tls module
  • Wrong port in #136
latest releases: v3.2.13, v3.2.12, v3.2.11...
5 years ago