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GCM 2.0.79-beta

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pre-release4 years ago

First Windows preview release and updated macOS release.


  • Windows support (64-bit only) (#46)
  • GCM Core now worked behind network proxies (configuration guide) (#11)
  • Renamed the main executable from git-credential-manager to git-credential-manager-core to allow for easier side-by-side use with Java GCM and Windows GCM during the preview (#70)
  • Microsoft authentication is performed in-process on Windows, with support for GUI-less environments (such as SSH) via device code flow (#75)
  • Installation now configures GCM Core per-user (sets credential.helper in the current user's $HOME/.gitconfig) but continues to be installed in a system-wide location. Other users can opt-in to using GCM Core by setting their own configuration by running git-credential-manager-core configure (#57)
  • Allow overriding the selection of host provider; also supports GitHub Enterprise scenarios (configuration option, migration guide for users of the credential.authority setting) (#59)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Thanks to our contributors ❤️:

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