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New Features

  • Additional integrations will now be activated automatically if the SDK detects the respective package is installed: Ariadne, ARQ, asyncpg, Chalice, clickhouse-driver, GQL, Graphene, huey, Loguru, PyMongo, Quart, Starlite, Strawberry.
  • Added new API for custom instrumentation: new_scope, isolation_scope. See the Deprecated section to see how they map to the existing APIs.


  • The Pyramid integration will not capture errors that might happen in authenticated_userid() in a custom AuthenticationPolicy class.

  • The method need_code_loation of the MetricsAggregator was renamed to need_code_location.

  • The BackgroundWorker thread used to process events was renamed from raven-sentry.BackgroundWorker to sentry-sdk.BackgroundWorker.

  • The reraise function was moved from sentry_sdk._compat to sentry_sdk.utils.

  • The _ScopeManager was moved from sentry_sdk.hub to sentry_sdk.scope.

  • Moved the contents of to The start_child_span_decorator is now in sentry_sdk.tracing_utils.

  • The actual implementation of get_current_span was moved to sentry_sdk.tracing_utils. sentry_sdk.get_current_span is still accessible as part of the top-level API.

  • sentry_sdk.tracing_utils.add_query_source(): Removed the hub parameter. It is not necessary anymore.

  • sentry_sdk.tracing_utils.record_sql_queries(): Removed the hub parameter. It is not necessary anymore.

  • sentry_sdk.tracing_utils.get_current_span() does now take a scope instead of a hub as parameter.

  • sentry_sdk.tracing_utils.should_propagate_trace() now takes a Client instead of a Hub as first parameter.

  • sentry_sdk.utils.is_sentry_url() now takes a Client instead of a Hub as first parameter.

  • sentry_sdk.utils._get_contextvars does not return a tuple with three values, but a tuple with two values. The copy_context was removed.

  • If you create a transaction manually and later mutate the transaction in a configure_scope block this does not work anymore. Here is a recipe on how to change your code to make it work:
    Your existing implementation:

    transaction = sentry_sdk.transaction(...)
    # later in the code execution:
    with sentry_sdk.configure_scope() as scope:

    needs to be changed to this:

    transaction = sentry_sdk.transaction(...)
    # later in the code execution:
    scope = sentry_sdk.Scope.get_current_scope()
  • The classes listed in the table below are now abstract base classes. Therefore, they can no longer be instantiated. Subclasses can only be instantiated if they implement all of the abstract methods.

    Show table
    Class Abstract methods
    sentry_sdk.integrations.Integration setup_once
    sentry_sdk.metrics.Metric add, serialize_value, and weight
    sentry_sdk.profiler.Scheduler setup and teardown
    sentry_sdk.transport.Transport capture_envelope


  • Removed support for Python 2 and Python 3.5. The SDK now requires at least Python 3.6.
  • Removed support for Celery 3.*.
  • Removed support for Django 1.8, 1.9, 1.10.
  • Removed support for Flask 0.*.
  • Removed support for gRPC < 1.39.
  • Removed support for Tornado < 6.
  • Removed last_event_id() top level API. The last event ID is still returned by capture_event(), capture_exception() and capture_message() but the top level API sentry_sdk.last_event_id() has been removed.
  • Removed support for sending events to the /store endpoint. Everything is now sent to the /envelope endpoint. If you're on SaaS you don't have to worry about this, but if you're running Sentry yourself you'll need version 20.6.0 or higher of self-hosted Sentry.
  • The deprecated with_locals configuration option was removed. Use include_local_variables instead. See
  • The deprecated request_bodies configuration option was removed. Use max_request_body_size. See
  • Removed support for user.segment. It was also removed from the trace header as well as from the dynamic sampling context.
  • Removed support for the install method for custom integrations. Please use setup_once instead.
  • Removed sentry_sdk.tracing.Span.new_span. Use sentry_sdk.tracing.Span.start_child instead.
  • Removed sentry_sdk.tracing.Transaction.new_span. Use sentry_sdk.tracing.Transaction.start_child instead.
  • Removed support for creating transactions via sentry_sdk.tracing.Span(transaction=...). To create a transaction, please use sentry_sdk.tracing.Transaction(name=...).
  • Removed sentry_sdk.utils.Auth.store_api_url.
  • sentry_sdk.utils.Auth.get_api_url's now accepts a sentry_sdk.consts.EndpointType enum instead of a string as its only parameter. We recommend omitting this argument when calling the function, since the parameter's default value is the only possible sentry_sdk.consts.EndpointType value. The parameter exists for future compatibility.
  • Removed The start_child_span_decorator is now in sentry_sdk.tracing_utils.
  • Removed the sentry_sdk.profiler.Scheduler.stop_profiling method. Any calls to this method can simply be removed, since this was a no-op method.


  • Using the Hub directly as well as using hub-based APIs has been deprecated. Where available, use the top-level API instead; otherwise use the scope API or the client API.


    with hub.start_span(...):
        # do something


    import sentry_sdk
    with sentry_sdk.start_span(...):
        # do something
  • Hub cloning is deprecated.


    with Hub(Hub.current) as hub:
        # do something with the cloned hub


    import sentry_sdk
    with sentry_sdk.isolation_scope() as scope:
        # do something with the forked scope
  • configure_scope is deprecated. Use the new isolation scope directly via Scope.get_isolation_scope() instead.


    with configure_scope() as scope:
        # do something with `scope`


    from sentry_sdk.scope import Scope
    scope = Scope.get_isolation_scope()
    # do something with `scope`
  • push_scope is deprecated. Use the new new_scope context manager to fork the necessary scopes.


    with push_scope() as scope:
        # do something with `scope`


    import sentry_sdk
    with sentry_sdk.new_scope() as scope:
        # do something with `scope`
  • Accessing the client via the hub has been deprecated. Use the top-level sentry_sdk.get_client() to get the current client.

  • profiler_mode and profiles_sample_rate have been deprecated as _experiments options. Use them as top level options instead:

  • Deprecated sentry_sdk.transport.Transport.capture_event. Please use sentry_sdk.transport.Transport.capture_envelope, instead.

  • Passing a function to sentry_sdk.init's transport keyword argument has been deprecated. If you wish to provide a custom transport, please pass a sentry_sdk.transport.Transport instance or a subclass.

  • The parameter propagate_hub in ThreadingIntegration() was deprecated and renamed to propagate_scope.

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