github getsentry/sentry-java 6.20.0

one day ago


  • Add support for Sentry Kotlin Compiler Plugin (#2695)
    • In conjunction with our sentry-kotlin-compiler-plugin we improved Jetpack Compose support for
  • More granular http requests instrumentation with a new SentryOkHttpEventListener (#2659)
    • Create spans for time spent on:
      • Proxy selection
      • DNS resolution
      • HTTPS setup
      • Connection
      • Requesting headers
      • Receiving response
    • You can attach the event listener to your OkHttpClient through client.eventListener(new SentryOkHttpEventListener()).addInterceptor(new SentryOkHttpInterceptor()).build();
    • In case you already have an event listener you can use the SentryOkHttpEventListener as well through client.eventListener(new SentryOkHttpEventListener(myListener)).addInterceptor(new SentryOkHttpInterceptor()).build();
  • Add a new option to disable RootChecker (#2735)


  • Base64 encode internal Apollo3 Headers (#2707)
  • Fix SentryTracer crash when scheduling auto-finish of a transaction, but the timer has already been cancelled (#2731)
  • Fix AndroidTransactionProfiler crash when finishing a profile that happened due to race condition (#2731)

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