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one month ago

🎉 Features

  • New api option for Sections to define API endpoints just like for fields #6246

✨ Enhancements

  • Added option to change the number of threads for the ImageMagick driver (thanks to @caplod) #6210

return [
  'thumbs' => [
    'driver' => 'im',
    'threads' => 2
  • Video block now also supports local videos by default #6113
  • Significantly improved file sorting performance (thanks @rasteiner) #6112
  • The login form can now be prefilled for testing use cases with the new value prop of the k-login-view component #6364
  • Lab: $helpers docs #6257 #6287
  • Improved Panel favicons for dark mode, including media attribute support for custom Panel favicons #5657
  • Updated icons: expand, collapse, divider and chart
  • Support non string scalar values in where clause builder for 2 arguments (thanks @SeriousKen) #6291
  • Add native validity to range input #6253
  • Added native validity to calendar, date, time, timoptions inputs #6254
  • Enhanced options for database table creation: #6303
    • Adds unsigned option for integers. Defaults to true to maintain backwards compatibility.
    • Adds size option for varchars. Defaults to 255 to maintain backwards compatibility.
    • Adds float type to create a floating point columns.
    • Adds decimal type to create decimal columns with precision and decimal_places options. The new features are aimed at MySQL and are ignored in SQLite as they are not supported. Float and decimal both map to REAL columns in SQLite.
  • Improve k-user-avatar #6325
  • Translatable panel menu titles #6311
  • Allow unknown file extensions to be selected in file open dialog (thanks to @rasteiner) #6263
  • Added pagination to the file browser in the link field #6288
  • Date and time field interpret a few more input formats correctly #6362
  • Table layout: allow modifying default columns #6335

🐛 Bug fixes

  • A::prepend() now behaves the same as A::append() (just opposite side) for non-associative arrays #6219
  • Translatable range tooltip #6221
  • Disabled inputs don't show placeholders anymore #6163
  • Choice inputs have similar disabled styling as other fields
  • alpha and hue inputs: setting custom min and max props would break the inputs. Those props aren't falsely exposed anymore. #6251
  • colorname input: props that were falsely exposed are now correctly unset #6255
  • search input: props that were falsely exposed are now correctly unset #6256
  • Fixed fallback null value for Text\KirbyTag::parent() #6220
  • Fixed upgrade status for PHP version strings with extra information (thanks @SeriousKen) #6262
  • Database\Query: Fixed using BETWEEN or NOT BETWEEN in →where() clause (thanks @SeriousKen) #6292
  • Database: Fixed handling of boolean values in prepared statements (thanks @SeriousKen) #6297
  • Fix for Date::round() not taking timezone into account properly (thanks @SeriousKen) #6264
  • Fix header offset when no sticky header #6283
  • Fix k-tabs inline variable assignment #6324
  • Writer field counter correctly strips HTML again #6323
  • Keep title and slug when switching template in create dialog #6328
  • Panel fields: fix direction for content language #6350
  • Tags input: when creating a new tag, the input is now correctly split at the separator into multiple tags #6341
  • Fix blocks styling inside layout column #6280
  • Fixed page create dialog when used with pages section on user/file blueprint #6190
  • Close all nested drawers when navigating #6274
  • Object field: inline previews are not editable anymore when the subfield is disabled #6346
  • Fix toggle field preview value error #6249
  • Table: fix width for image and flag column on mobile #6228

♻️ Refactored

  • Slight performance improvements for Dir::inventory() #6218
  • Clean up Cms\Blueprint class #6206
  • Fix v-bind order #6333
  • Use mounted lifecycle hooks instead of created #6336

🧹 Housekeeping

  • Unit tests: properly resetting error handlers (thanks to @SeriousKen) #6259
  • Upgraded Psalm
  • Added performance tests for Dir::inventory() with various number of page models #6218
  • Added more explicit coverage annotations to OptionsQueryText and partially Toolkit packages tests, including additional tests for uncovered code #6220
  • Lab: added GitHub source links for all helpers, libraries and CSS examples #6295
  • Removed Lab\Example::github() linking to lab example file #6295

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