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After half a year we proud to release this new beta version of Ferdi with tons of new features, bug fixes and 24 new services.

Due to problems with our Apple certificate, this release is unsigned on macOS. What does this mean to you? Due to this, you will have to manually update to this version on macOS by downloading the release below and installing it normally. If you are having problems opening the installer, please follow


Use these Links to quickly download the right file for your OS:

Download Ferdi 5.6.0-beta.4 for:

Download Ferdi-5.6.0-beta.4.AppImage, ferdi-5.6.0-beta.4.tar.gz, ferdi-5.6.0-beta.4.x86_64.rpm or ferdi_5.6.0-beta.4_amd64.deb below for Linux.

What's new?


  • Add FAB to service dashboard (#824)
  • Add "Go to Home Page" in services context menu (#900) 💖 @raicerk
  • Add vertical style and "Always show workspace drawer" setting (#567)
  • Flash TaskBar (Windows) / Bounce Dock (Mac) on New Message (#1020) 💖 @mahadevans87
  • Add danish translations 💖 @madsmtm

Minor changes

  • Update dependencies
  • Add Norwegian translations (#840) 💖 @larsmagnusherland
  • Update adaptable dark mode to work on all platforms (#834)
  • Improved onboarding flow and settings empty states (#996) 💖 @tofran
  • Enhance the "Support Ferdi" screen (#722)💖 @yourcontact
  • Improve Ferdi's design (#977)


  • Add 24 new recipes! Nextcloud, Nextcloud Cospend, Nextcloud Tasks, StackExchange, Noisli, Yahoo Mail, TickTick, DevDocs, Figma, iCloud Reminders, OneNote, YouTrack, SimpleNote, Lark, Slite, Pinterest, Disqus, Microsoft Todo, Google Podcasts, YouTube Music,, Wire, Fleep, Google Classroom 💖 @eandersons, @kittywhiskers, @andrsussa, @vraravam, @arioki1, @hongshaoyang, @tofran, @stephenpapierski, @marcolussetti, @alopix, @iansearly, @tanzng

  • Fix connection error in case of audio/video call in Google Meet ( 💖 @Room4O4

  • Fix Wrike notification counter ( 💖 @mvdgun

  • Update recipe for element ( 💖 @fjl5

  • Add support for empty unread badges in WhatsApp ( 💖 @ruippeixotog

  • Add custom URLs for Jira ( 💖 @yann-soubeyrand

  • Fixing unread-counter for office365 ( 💖 @CrEaK

  • Mattermost: Fix badge for unread channels when in single team ( 💖 @CrEaK

  • Update to ( 💖 @omove

  • Fix whatsapp fullscreen for different screen sizes ( 💖 @breuerfelix

  • Changed gmail getMessages to grab value next to Inbox 💖 @stephenpapierski

  • Fix Gmail getMessages produces wrong value 💖 @stephenpapierski

  • Update Hangouts Chat to display direct and indirect notifications (#306) 💖 @mahadevans87

  • Update user agent for OWA and Outlook (#302) 💖 @StormPooper

  • Updated Zoho icons 💖 @tofran

  • Spoof Chrome plugins for Skype 💖 @kris7t

  • More careful Gmail unread count detection 💖 @kris7t

  • Update Todoist notifications badge selector (#333) (#334) 💖 @rvisharma

  • Fix messages count for Fastmail (#335) (#336) 💖 @marcolussetti

  • Fix Zoho Mail 💖 @pointergr

  • Add notification count for Habitica 💖 @iansearly


  • Fix Electron 9 crash on Windows 10 (#986) 💖 @mahadevans87
  • Patch getDisplayMedia for screen sharing in all services (#802)
  • Fix "Open folder" button on "Custom services" screen (#991)

Under the hood

  • Update to Electron 9
  • Remove Ferdi string from default user agent (#806) 💖 @dannyqiu
  • Add recipes packaging to development setup (#985)
  • Use imagemin to minify images (#1008) 💖 @vraravam
  • Disable Chromium's poor MPRIS implementation (#1023)

latest release: v5.6.0-beta.5
pre-release2 months ago