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Release notes - GeoServer - 2.23.1

14 days ago

Release notes - GeoServer - 2.23.1


GEOS-8162 CSV Data store does not support relative store paths

GEOS-10837 geopackage output fails when on network share

GEOS-10912 jms-cluster fails to clone grid coverage layer on other nodes

GEOS-10920 Excel output format packaging misses dependencies, cannot produce .xls

GEOS-10921 Double escaping of HTML with enabled features-templating

GEOS-10922 Features templating exception on text/plain format

GEOS-10932 csw-iso: should only add 'xsi:nil = false' attribute

GEOS-10934 CSW does not show title/abstract on welcome page

GEOS-10946 WMS GetLegendGraphic throws FootprintsTransformation cannot be cast to ProcessFunction Exception

GEOS-10950 Performance regression in DescribeFeatureType across all feature types

GEOS-10955 STAC templates are initialised in the wrong location

GEOS-10957 Support ResourceAccessManager implementations returning custom subclasess of AccessLimits

GEOS-10969 Empty CQL_FILTER-parameter should be ignored

GEOS-10975 JMS clustering reports error about ReferencedEnvelope type not being whitelisted in XStream

GEOS-10985 B/R of Geoserver catalog is broken with Geoserver 2.23.0


GEOS-10858 jdbc-config turns off isolated workspace support

GEOS-10898 Preserve key order in STAC responses coming from JSONB columns

GEOS-10923 Use default writing params on GeoTIFFPPIO

GEOS-10940 Update MapML viewer to release 0.11.0


GEOS-10859 OGC API: swagger-api 4.15.5 upgrade

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