github geoman-io/leaflet-geoman v0.23.0
More events, More fun

Minor Changes

  • Added fire, markerdragend and markerdragstart pm events to rectangle. Fixes #245: 71a8e55451f8f61df724e3aff88746654d432247
  • Added global edit mode toggled event. Fixes #246: eddeef649641a829bbf178cb389930ac489124f5
  • Added pm:update event. Fixes #229: 47336a37fa4d36a0a3137292b6b074c97321f0c8
  • Added pm:centerplaced event, fired when the center of a Circle is placed or moved. Fixes #251: 99079704e07158c9bd2a23dadf7a711a22b073ed


  • Fix rectangle drawing color bug: #253
  • Set default _globalRemovalMode to false as promised in #247: 5e1fd7a5729dc6e6ba7a308df56e7828aa07208d
  • Rectangle helpers are hidden when not needed. Fixes #252: 7eac1ea26fcc5b38d3fb2b3e38bf3b51d9434665
  • Updated dependencies: #255


Huge thanks to @Mesonyx and @themre for helping!

latest releases: 2.11.2, 2.11.1, 2.11.0...
3 years ago