github geoman-io/leaflet-geoman v0.22.0

Minor Changes

  • ADDED: allowSelfIntersection option: #241
  • ADDED: you can now pass your options to globalEditMode (enable & disable it)
  • ADDED: pass options to newly created layers’ edit mode so they are preserved for global edit mode
  • Made cut button snappable by default: 933e076172f0cb1384da58e268caa3f0a52978dd


  • FIXED: Fix 🐛 for switching drawing modes, fixes #242 and other problems: #240
  • FIXED: manual change of globalEditMode now correctly toggles the Toolbar button
  • FIXED: resulting layers of a cutted layer now properly inherit options
  • Create 952df79ea1107176695c1582cde146708d14b84b
  • Create 916feb2d7a45336b88344c42f68e67378f6b4682
  • Create LICENSE: 40862b95afaed8715d8fb4da8010a424bb155595
  • Remove license in favor of LICENCE.MD: c7785295e868efd145558f8e37eea6314a1b8078
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3 years ago