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Events and Fixes

Minor Changes

  • Added Vertex Events (MINOR): #227
    With this you could - for example - listen when new vertexes are added during drawing of a polygon:
    js // listen to vertexes being added to the workingLayer map.on('pm:drawstart', function(e) { var layer = e.workingLayer; layer.on('pm:vertexadded', function(e) { // e includes the new vertex, it's marker // the index in the coordinates array // the working layer and shape }); });
    ### Patches
    - Make HintMarker more visible: #220
    - Add Polyfill for findIndex: 5bce48c634ab064b12729ac2255ab159d49655cd
    - Added marker index information to markerdrag events: #225: ca688455b6f7d9af65153f2ea03dd61da6fb4d93
    - Removed sourcemaps from prod build. Fixes #222: e1f437958f4ce376592c0e158e2ad477a31b338f
    - Add workingLayer to pm:drawstart: #221
    - Fix error when removing a layer during snappable drawing;: 8ba98442282b1c1c546d11fa6637e1c4832610b4
    ### Credits
    Huge thanks to @newmanw and @richorama for their help!
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