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Rectangle Support

Minor Changes

  • ADDED: pm:cut event: #211
  • ADDED: Rectangle Support for Drawing and Editing: #196


  • FIXED: Vertex Removal removes layer or hole: #209
  • IMPROVED: Rearranged Toolbar and renamed some buttons: #212
  • FIXED: marker edit respects draggable option now (Fixes #213): f9e1f67d92eb476b6f259c38ff46eff6dbef4af4
  • Added cutPolygon button to toolbar options: 9d7da1e6ea43578602f114fff86072bcffa5bf9d


Huge thanks to @Mesonyx for the Rectangle PR!

latest releases: 2.11.2, 2.11.1, 2.11.0...
4 years ago