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Minor Changes

  • You can now become a ❤️Sponsor: 975a47ee8bd7deb5d93123f1324e880d93f745cb
  • Added 🇵🇱Polish translation: #532
  • Added 🇸🇪Swedish translation: #507
  • Added 🇮🇩Indonesian translation: #468
  • Added setGlobalOptions: 46a98afd0f8b9837cd4fcdd3045c50a41a207182
// make markers not snappable during marker draw{ snappable: false, });


  • CircleMarker drag gets now disabled correctly (Fixes #536): e4ec02841aaf03f46bd8d01cf7520961fa507150
  • Programmatic toggle of globalEditMode correctly enables marker drag: 23f2ecd4267e139cee99b3e25cd16e18e481d62e
  • Make vertex-markers non-draggable for rectangle draw. Fixes #542: 49c661238f0c0b3694af0bcd54fef7fd51b044ed
  • Fire pm:cut AFTER changes are applied. Fixes #531: b78e762eb0eb298d6bc464d042fd0b8fdd6ae20e
  • Remove layer references from layergroup when they are removed. Fixes #452: d530792e656d21235f24e9a44fe957f0ec0173b3
  • Modes now use the "finish" label. Fixes #380: 2b20fca188fcd5ac9fe422b448bac40933887584
  • Fixed rouned corners of buttons for leaflet 1.6: 9f592123047036cded7b0da649ed495f28be69e4
  • Fixed actions position for leaflet 1.6: 8ed4fedd1a49eb195540956c0ebb248cb5dd9412


Huge thanks to @adriankwiat, @Abbe98, and @andyprasetya for helping!

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