github geoman-io/leaflet-geoman 2.3.0
Opt-In to Leaflet-Geoman

Minor Changes

  • Added opt-in Functionality: #504
    You can now initiate leaflet-geoman with an opt-in functionality which basically sets pmIgnore: true as the default to all layers. See the docs for more info.


  • Upgraded to Webpack 4 & fix security issue: #500
  • Handles snapping for added shapes during draw. Fixes #477: a685d9680aa6f6fd42212b1cccb34a915be49eaf
  • Finishing a Rectangle now respects snapped marker positions. Fixes #448: 7caad97992974f5155ab6a31a77722d25315a9c7
  • Style changes during edit mode are now properly preserved . Fixes #470: #506
  • Added migration instructions: c00b70fc90a5ecb29af3a0991f0d61b47e05c325
latest releases: 2.11.2, 2.11.1, 2.11.0...
23 months ago