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  • GlobalRemovalMode now ignores layerGroups that have pmIgnore: true (but not its layers). Fixes #401: #402
  • Exclude hintMarker from enableDraw. Fixes #405: 9e1ccac21db38522aeeff32ce958e382e9d940e0
  • Remove unecessary redraw(). Helps with #407: b5fac29429ce9ae9c7f8223474aa96627cae3403
  • Don't finish Polygon with only two coords: #421
  • Changed circle edit event from move to drag. Fixes #357: 1f9cc0704b5674c84097c2291d6f52098b7423e8
  • Added Geoman Supporter Plan Info: eee155d2bf8564bbbf7c9510574732962108ccb1
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2 years ago