github geoman-io/leaflet-geoman 1.0.1

Breaking Changes

  • pm:cut event now returns one resultingLayer as layer which is a MultiPolygon, not an array of layers inside resultingLayer: bf1634815cbb564b983dd24edf44d1d3a2345e73
  • pm:cut event layer and original layer properties keys change: 923bec85aab39064c928a2ac109784edabc5d68f

Major Changes

  • Add Cypress Testing Suite, Fixes #210: #307
    Seriously, this is a big deal. After years of releasing with fear - we can now build and release with some confidence thanks to the awesome work of the cypress team.

Minor Changes

  • Add a snapdrag event for getting snap point: #343
  • You can now snap to middle of segments: #314
  • The Hintline style properly resets now. Fixes #333: #340


  • GeoJSON precision changed to 15 digits after decimal: #306
  • Fixed Draw Circle for mobile. Closes #263: 808eeb61837c51a085a450e565fc2329d75e9915
  • Circle options are now properly handled after draw: #313
  • Add new vertices at correct index: #319
  • Updated turf: 700699ca1663514aee0e394350fb827c5330293e
  • Fix a bug where FeatureCollection with Circles weren't editable: #348
  • Fixed dependency vulnerabilities: ffd23ad2e3bb5835b28c0f227aa12ee450e343bc
  • Fixed a bug where circles within featureGroups can't be edited multiple times: 4f47e78a114a26d70fb54e30fa7fffe96f3aa3b6
  • Single-Coord Line/Polys now can't be finished during draw: #349
  • Changed "MultiPolyline" to "MultiLineStrings": b5d5af6bf33ee8842b76eb5474c06a997f738f2f
  • Fixed draw rectangle for mobile: ca8d967ecafedb4521879b2b62c7a638b8a02507


Check out the new capabilities on Geoman


Huge thanks to @mohammedzamakhan, @KenAlin, and @gorunovanton for helping!

Small Versioning Note

2 years ago I (probably accidentally) released a 1.0.0 version on npm. I can't override it so I had to publish as 1.0.1 :-)

latest releases: 2.11.2, 2.11.1, 2.11.0...
2 years ago