github geoman-io/leaflet-geoman 0.24.0
Options and Fixes for everyone

Minor Changes

  • Add option to disable marker removal during edit. Fixes #258: 9e0ea8d78ae2007da3b8fa0580d638ceb355cd29
  • Added option to prevent vertex editing in edit mode. Fixes #274: dde74dce5365cf3cc7b0fde837d26c880f44d98b
  • Support preferCanvas: #286


  • Added missing step, closes #283: 7bbe899b9c0cb30828fb0f490651f6f846d0da63
  • Pm:edit on circles fires after edit, not during. Fixes #285: d0446df3bb6671a83e625da8e630477d35e632ab
  • Hintline style is properly reset after showing error style, fixes #275: 8d487532daccb85d08d124aa086117ec07396e8a
  • Dont start drag on right click, fixes #260: 20e1a6af30098a4e63637c7b7d83f8569c244d63
  • Redundant coordinate when finish polygon with double click: #281


Huge thanks to @cosme-benito, @mpschaeuble and @chriswilley for helping!

latest releases: 2.11.2, 2.11.1, 2.11.0...
3 years ago