github garden-io/garden v0.9.9

This release mostly consists of bug fixes for regressions introduced in the 0.9.8 release (which we took down in the meantime, so we're including that release's changelog here as well).

As of 0.9.8, Garden bases its versioning on hashes of file contents instead of Git commits (and modified timestamps). This approach provides some added flexibility for developing Garden, and decouples our versioning semantics from Git.

0.9.8 introduced the option to specify which files are considered part of the module sources via the include field.


    - Dockerfile
    - my-app.js

Further, this improves handling of .gardenignore files, so they now work in subdirectories as well as the project root.


Bug Fixes

  • config-graph: remove superfluous data from rendered graph nodes (fa0d820)
  • vcs: fixed path handling for modified files (ec82c22)
  • vcs: handle case when file is removed while listing VCS files (7aeec2f)
  • vcs: exclude .garden from version hashing (0dc1208)


Bug Fixes

  • cli: avoid crash with circular references in error details (92b31c0)
  • config: issue with nested keys in conditional template strings (35ad3df)
  • config: catch module self-references instead of crashing (2fb8720)
  • k8s: skip kubectl diff for container type (8dfb6a7)
  • run: correctly ignore task dependencies (e51778b)

Code Refactoring

  • add ui state provider (dd36a0e)
  • graph: make sure all tasks are included in process results (91afd59)


  • config: add var alias for variables template key (ede49e5)
  • core: add module include field and use content hash for versions (8bd0b5b)
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