github garden-io/garden v0.9.7

This release contains some bug fixes and a brand new kubernetes module type for those times when you want to deploy your own manifests, but don’t need the features and complexity of Helm modules.


### Features

  • k8s: add kubernetes module type (1488cd8)

Bug Fixes

  • include resolved config in module version (31b2936)
  • ensure CLI returns correct exit code (#626) (eeb069f)
  • whitespaces instead of dots in terminal (f6445c7)
  • dashboard: awkward name for task nodes in Stack Graph (616c8b5)
  • dashboard: graph ui fixes (60c746e)
  • k8s: handle logs properly for all module types and resources (56a15ba)
  • k8s: report correct deployment status when replicas=0 (a7a2983)
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18 months ago