github garden-io/garden v0.9.6

This release contains several bug fixes and stability improvements. It also contains enhancements to our Maven plugin as well as the ability to use OR statements in template strings. Please refer to the Changelog section below for more details.


### Features

  • config: support simple OR statements in template strings (312e90b)
  • k8s: cache task results (5769aeb)
  • maven-container: explicity support in K8s provider (592bf94)
  • maven-container: add mvnOpts field and remove default option (187dc7d)
  • maven-container: automatically fetch Maven and OpenJDK (5045cd3)

Bug Fixes

  • use unique names for a service's ingresses (b1fbb25)
  • set correct jdk target path (29874e1)
  • fixed vulnerabilities identified by Snyk (bc79d26)
  • build: remove deleted files/dirs during sync (9630192)
  • build: don't delete when syncing dependencies (a5e12a7)
  • container: wrong image ID when deploying external image locally (a12682c)
  • container: further issues with deployment image IDs (5230408)
  • core: generated files were sometimes deleted between build and run (dcfb7e1)
  • core: missing detail in error.log for non-Garden exceptions (7a0265d)
  • integ-tests: helper to remove .garden dirs (77abbe3)
  • k8s: validation error on maven-container modules (3c41c8e)
  • k8s: regression in remote K8s init flow (77fb9fa)
  • k8s: work around issue with Istio sidecars and ad-hoc pod runs (f8d5b44)
  • k8s: issues with remote cluster deployments (982e6e2)
  • k8s: error when initializing remote kubernetes provider (27cf2b5)
  • maven-container: work around issue with concurrent builds in mvn (4bd9b8b)
  • maven-container: incorrect JAR_PATH build argument (bd66bb5)
  • maven-container: always copy Dockerfile to build dir before build (fada240)

### Code Refactoring

  • split provider from KubeApi (4787e51)
latest releases: 0.12.5, 0.12.5-0, 0.12.4...
18 months ago