github garden-io/garden v0.9.5

This release includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Also new is the ability to add environment variables to container module task specs, and an early version of a maven-container plugin, which facilitates containerized build workflows for Maven-based Java projects.


  • add maven-container plugin type (7414898)
  • container: add env field to task spec (950536f)

Bug Fixes

  • increase init delay for liveness probe (e2a1e87)
  • occasional concurrency issue when fetching external tools (9d61d71)
  • use abs target paths in HR copy commands (94619f6)
  • include container name in pod log requests (247272d)
  • add tasks for all affected modules on watch (badb2b2)
  • respect level when using logger type env var (c5a5d6b)
  • stream container build output and cap max buffer size (2a885c8)
  • make sure to log build task success (d0c896a)
  • build: always sync sources when building (874e23c)
  • cli: log test duration in CLI output (61a0e40)
  • container: error when getting status ahead of building (6c4b0b4)
  • container: handle image IDs with multi-level namespace (342b987)
  • container: use configured image ID locally (bf5d428)
  • dashboard: fix undefined color (a0f0b43)
  • examples: use different ingress hostnames for vote-helm example (e4ad813)
  • k8s: handle CRDs properly (73f48bf)
  • openfaas: error when getting status of func not created by Garden (d7da089)
  • openfaas: update faas-cli to 0.8.3 (7915008)
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